Our Environmental Policy

In our business, we endeavor to maximize on the potential of glass usage in accomplishing global focus of creating energy-efficient buildings. Since the world is turning green as a globally accepted way of conserving the environment and providing a cost and energy-efficient future in our building industry, Thola Glass has wisely invested in technology which positions the company as a trail blazer in this endeavor.

We have maximized on the use of natural daylight in our wide range of glass products to meet the green building design criteria. The high performance glass from Thola Glass will help to blend the twin actions of achieving desired levels of daylight and transparency to enable external views.

As a way of controlling noise and conserving heat, Thola Glass provides modern designs of double glazed glass facades. This design helps in achieving a high degree of acoustic comfort by keeping away noise penetrating from the exteriors to the interiors thus ensuring a calmer atmosphere inside.